Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is another name of this hormone growth hormone. Growth hormone is known as the most important of the glands and is secreted by the pituitary gland located just below the brain. Growth hormone is the English pronunciation of growth hormone. Growth hormone is effective in the growth of infants and children.

The growth hormone is the hormone in the structure called polypeptide which is formed by the combination of 191 units of amino acids. Growth hormone performs the growth of the action by synthesizing more proteins in the body. The structure of amino acids called the absorption of cells by cells and then side by side to take the form of protein provides growth hormone.

General Benefits of Growth Hormone:

  • Growth hormone makes skin surface more smooth
  • Helps skin become soft & wrinkle free
  • At the same time, this hormone prevents the excessive amount of sugar in the blood.

Growth Hormone Deficiency

Somatotrophic hormone (STH) is named after growth hormone called adenohypophysin somatotrop. Lack of growth hormone can be seen as a result of lack of hormones called pituitary. Growth hormone is related to the growth of the body. Generally, the lack of this hormone is more common in boys. If a child has a noticeable short stature compared to his peers, growth hormone deficiency is detected in 3-14% of these children. Growt hormone is active in the period of childhood. In other words, it is lower in adolescence than in childhood.

Lack of Growth Hormone Occurs due to the following reasons:

  • For reasons related to GH-RH deficiency
  • For idiopathic reasons
  • Due to genetic factors
  • Due to various infections
  • Due to histiocytosis
  • Due to various tumors
  • Due to some psychosocial problems
  • Receptor abnormality

Growth hormone in adult people, cell muscle regeneration, increasing the bone strength, metabolic rate is an effective task to increase. In other words, it is important not only for children but also for parents. Although it contributes to height growth and growth of the body for children, it prevents the musculoskeletal system from losing its strength and weakening in adults.

What Happens When Growth Hormone is Excessive?

When the growth hormone in a body is excessively secreted, the body often gives a number of reactions in which it is lacking. These can be summarized as the increase in the rate of the possibility of hypertension, the risk of bone resorption, fatigue and sexual dysfunction, pain in the head area, acromegaly.

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