HGH Pen Needles: What Type Do I Need?

Are you having trouble picking what kind of needles to use with your HGH pen? If you have been looking for information on HGH pen needles, you have come to the right place. Here we will help you learn more about what kind of needles to use with HGH pens.

Building muscle and getting in your best shape is very hard and we all know it. So, this is why many people start using human growth hormone to get better results in fitness. Lots of people get the extra help they need from HGH products and use these products without any issues. They use a reliable online store to buy genotropin and other HGH products to make their fitness goals easier to reach with the power of HGH. But when you use HGH for the first time, you might have a lot of questions. For example, you might be wondering what kind of HGH pen needles to use, are they big or small along with many other questions.

HGH comes in many forms including liquid form and lyophilized form which you need to reconstitute. However, real human growth hormone products are always in injectable form. So, there is always needles involved when you are dealing with HGH. Some products require you to use a syringe, which needs a little bit more practice. But thankfully, there are HGH pens which make the whole thing much easier. Since the injection is pretty shallow, HGH pen needles don’t need to be huge. So let’s see what kind of needles we need to use with some of the most popular HGH products.

Pfizer Genotropin HGH Pen Needles

You can use 29 gauge, 30 gauge, or 31 gauge Becton Dickinson pen needles for Pfizer Genotropin pen injections.

So, with Genotropin injections there is a lot of flexibility and you can choose needles of different sizes.

Norditropin SimpleXx Hgh Pen Needles

Norditropin SimpleXx comes premixed in its own special pen. For injection you use 32 gauge needles that have a thickness of 0.25 – 0.27 mm or 0.22 – 0.27 mm. Their length is 4 mm or 6 mm.

So Norditropin SimpleXx needles are quite tiny and provide a more painless injection.

Lilly Humatrope HGH Pen Needles

BD Pen Needles are recommended for Lilly Humatrope pen injections.

According to the instruction manual, you need to ask your healthcare provider for the best needle size to use.

Are Human Growth Hormone Injections Painful?

As you can see, you need to use very small needles for HGH pens. Since we do HGH injections subcutaneously, the injection is very shallow and needles are tiny. But are HGH injections painful? Because you might be doing these injections regularly, wondering whether they’re painful or not is pretty normal.

However, HGH injections are not painful or difficult to do. The whole process is very quick and the most you’ll feel is tiny bit of pain. Also, administering HGH yourself with HGH pens is very easy. So, if you’ve been planning to use HGH but fear that it’s painful or hard, don’t worry.

A Shallow Injection Is What It Takes To Boost Muscle Growth With Human Growth Hormone

A Shallow Injection Is What It Takes To Boost Muscle Growth With Human Growth Hormone

When you are using a HGH pen, you don’t need to use huge needles. Human growth hormone injections are very shallow but quite effective. When you are trying to build more muscles, a shallow injection of HGH can help you tremendously. So, if that’s your goal, make sure to check out genotropin for sale and other HGH products on our site.

With high quality and low price genotropin options you will start getting better results in the gym. And you will do this without poking huge and scary needles into your skin.