What is Human Growth Hormone: Important Things You Should Know in 2019

If you’re engaged in sports, you have probably heard of “growth hormone” before. People usually associate it with steroids and gimmicks. However, did you know that human growth hormone is a natural booster with many important benefits?

If your answer is “no”, here is the answer: Human growth hormone is naturally produced in the pituitary gland and plays an important role in cell renewal as well as preservation of healthy human tissue including the brain and other vital organs.

Controlled by a complex set of hormones, which are produced in the hypothalamus of the brain, Growth Hormone is a small protein made by the pituitary gland and hidden in the bloodstream. According to scientists, Growth Hormone (GH) rises during childhood, peaks during puberty and declines from middle age onward.

GH supports protein and helps the utilization of fat, step in the action of insulin and raises blood sugar levels.

Why Growth Hormone is important?

Growth hormone, which has significant effects on many body cells, is also responsible for the following things: Provides bone development and mineralization in children; increases protein synthesis; accelerates fat burning; stimulates the immune system and helps the muscles to grow.

The effects we are examining are essential for a younger and fit body as well as a must for healthy living.

There are also some factors affecting growth hormone secretion. It increases and decreases due to many factors such as sleep, blood sugar, amino acids in blood, stress, exercise, other hormones and thyroid hormones,

What happens if Growth Hormone is little secreted?

·  Decreases muscle mass
·  Blood fat values become abnormal
·  Quality of life decreases
·  Increases fat mass
·  Sport performance decreases
·  Bone density decreases
·  Early signs of aging

Now that you know what is Growth Hormone and why it is important for the human body.

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